Disney shares video of Walt Disney World Railroad testing at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Friday March 25, 2022 9:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The official Disney Parks TikTok account has shared a new video of the Walt Disney World railroad testing at Magic Kingdom.

@disneyparks Choo Choo! Testing is just beginning for the Walt #DisneyWorld Railroad crew ?? #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyCastLife #Railroad #Train #TrainTok ? original sound - Disney Parks

The railroad was closed in December 2018 as construction began on the TRON rollercoaster.

During the closure, the trains were accessible via a static exhibit on Main Street U.S.A. and then later at the Fantasyland station.

With the parks closing due to the pandemic in early 2020, the static exhibits closed and did not reopen with the rest of the park in summer 2022.

Construction on the exterior parts of TRON is expected to be completed soon, allowing the railroad tracks to be installed through the new tunnel at the TRON attraction, and the railroad returned to service.

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yensidtlaw196921 hours ago

"If we can just get it so the guests survive, it'll be a real E-Ticket!"

Gabe122 hours ago

Soon? Weeks, months, year(s).

Skywise2 days ago

The new Magic Kingdom adventure train ride stunt spectacular!

G00fyDad2 days ago

All the way through the current Tron construction....

Skywise2 days ago

Steam exhaust issues aside... it'd be neat with all the construction changes over there that they could've run the train THROUGH the Tron ride in some way (similar to how the people mover goes through Space Mountain) - maybe even through Space Mountain too! That's make for some interesting Spiels over the intercom. "We're now passing into the electronic frontier - watch out for bits, they like to hitch hike!"

dreday32 days ago

That was a good Tik Tok.

ToTBellHop10 days ago


JoeCamel10 days ago

and installing/testing the AAs and fx..... these things take time

James Alucobond10 days ago

Even if they don't complete the whole exterior first, I should think they'd want to finish everything west of the tracks. They're actually pretty close to achieving that, though. Just some more pathways to pour, a bit more trim to install on the front portion of the canopy, and some retaining walls to eventually fill with trees and other plantings.

VJ10 days ago

🎶you are the mag-icccccc🎶 why does disney need roaming entertainment when they have cast members? why does disney need a train when they have the guests to make their own magic - for the right price, of course?

Animaniac93-9810 days ago

"I know you'll get to like it, if you give it a chance now..."

ToTBellHop10 days ago

Just do the human train! Oh, look! Native Americans!

Animaniac93-9810 days ago