Cultural Representatives returning to EPCOT's World Showcase later this summer

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Posted: Friday March 25, 2022 12:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Cultural Representative Program will make a return to Walt Disney World in August 2022 after more than a two year-long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Disney said today, "the Disney Cultural Representative program will return in phases and begin welcoming the first new participants in August."

Participants from select countries whose program was shortened, cancelled or waitlisted in 2020, as well as those who had an offer and had not yet arrived, are currently being contacted for the first opportunity to reapply.

During the phased re-introduction, initial recruitment will start in Germany, Norway, Italy, France, UK, and Canada for World Showcase at EPCOT. Additional countries will be added once they clear travel restrictions and / or have CDC-authorized vaccine availability.

The Cultural Representative Program provides Cast Members that work at the pavilions of EPCOT's World Showcase. Since EPCOT's reopening in summer 2020, the World Showcase pavilions have been staffed by local Cast Members dressed in standard costumes.

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castlecake2.023 hours ago

Domestic staff originally from the host countries still working in the pavilions currently are still wearing the country specific costumes, so it doesn’t look like any changes are coming in that regard.

Minthorne1 day ago

I wonder when the folks from Arendelle will be allowed back…

UNCgolf1 day ago

Oh dear. Please learn what gene therapy is, and what a vaccine is. None of the COVID vaccines in the US (and yes, they are vaccines) have anything to do with gene therapy.

aladdin20071 day ago

Great news, still hoping the costumes are brought back with them. The route they have been taking lately with costume changes however.....

SirLink1 day ago

The six countries mentioned used a lot of AZ vaccine which isn't approved by CDC but by the WHO. Disney and governments wouldn't cut their noses off to spite themselves. Or maybe they will and still wont have enough staff. 🤔

MagicHappens19712 days ago

I am sure the cast who are filling these spots are probably displaced from their original roles/locations and will return to those once the IP returns

castlecake2.02 days ago

*Q1 visa I meant

Sirwalterraleigh2 days ago

They’re waiting it out to make sure the dust settles…I expect and expansion of the DCP soon as well. It’s smart…no need for outrage or blame. It is what it it.

castlecake2.02 days ago


Sirwalterraleigh2 days ago

If you say so… It’s a yearlong stint…I think they have to get a J-2?? But i’m rusty on indentured servitude in the era of Covid Long story short: they’re favoring the countries that are properly “westernized” from a medical and economic perspective. Cya by legal. Things will change.

SirLink2 days ago

Yes. If you can get in on an ESTA using a vaccine authorised by WHO, but not by the CDC. Same rules for vaccines would apply to any entry.

Sirwalterraleigh2 days ago

Yeah…but not a flatline yet. Don’t worry…no plans to bring masks back 😉

Sirwalterraleigh2 days ago

But for a temporary visa??

SirLink2 days ago

The CDC does accept treatments authorised by the World Health Organisation for entry.