Walt Disney World's Minnie Van service is returning this summer

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Minnie Van Service overview
Posted: Thursday March 24, 2022 1:10pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Minnie Van Service will return to operation this summer at Walt Disney World.

No further details are yet available, including pricing, availability or a start date.

The Minnie Van Service came to a halt alongside the shutdown of the parks in 2020 due to COVID pandemic, and did not return with the subsequent reopening.

Much of the Minnie Van fleet has been sold off, but a number of SUV's remain in storage at the EPCOT parking lot.

Walt Disney World's Minnie Van Service was introduced mid-2017 using a flat-rate billing model per trip, and operated with 2017 Chevrolet Traverse Premier mid-sized SUVs. As a competitor to Uber, Minnie Van Service was powered by Lyft and soon expanded to provide transfers to and from Orlando International Airport. In late 2018, the service switched to distance-based pricing, and became significantly more expensive.

The upcoming return comes at an interesting time, as Disney's Magical Express service came to an end at the start of 2022, leaving guests with only third-party options for airport transfers. Prior to the pausing of the Minnie Van Service, airport transfers were $155 per car each way plus tip. The return of Minnie Vans will mean an official Disney operated transportation system will once again be available.

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helenabear9 hours ago

With Disney IT mixing in with requesting cars I'd call it testing too. With all the app updates since 2020 they need that aspect of testing.

nickys10 hours ago

The operating systems aren’t new, are they? Unless like I say they’ve taken this in house. I’d call it training not testing, that’s all I meant.

castlecake2.010 hours ago

Do you think Disney is just going to hand over car keys to a cast member and say have at? Working a popcorn cart usually has three days of on the job training, operating a vehicle on live roads with guests onboard probably weeks. They also need to test the operating systems and the vehicles themselves to make sure the entire service is ready for daily use. Not sure how that’s not considered testing.

Fido Chuckwagon10 hours ago

To use the back-end lyft system and make sure they understand how to pick up fares, report where they are. It also tests the system in general.

nickys12 hours ago

To drive a minvan? :cautious: Not really the same as testing though, regardless.

Fido Chuckwagon12 hours ago

They need to train the drivers.

castlecake2.012 hours ago

So far have only seen them using equinox, but I’m assuming the previous lineup will return

TransportationGuy13 hours ago

Sticking with the Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe lineup?

nickys15 hours ago

Testing what exactly? Curious what needs to be tested… unless they’re using MDE for ordering instead of Lyft, for example.

castlecake2.023 hours ago

Testing in unbranded cars has started

helenabear1 day ago

Even in the 90s they were checking resort cards to ride some transportation. It used to be way less than that too. I'm at 400 for 5 days coming in June. Better than last year that wanted $500+

doctornick1 day ago

When WDW first opened

SteveAZee1 day ago

When did Disney sell tickets for the monorail?

rwdavis21 day ago

$300 used to be the cost of a week long car rental.