New guide map for EPCOT includes changes to walkways, closure of the EPCOT Experience, and upcoming World Celebration dining

3 days ago in "Walt Disney World Park and Resort Maps"

Posted: Thursday March 24, 2022 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT has a new paper guide map this week, including all of the recent updates and changes to the park.

The recently closed EPCOT Experience has been removed, and the Connections Cafe and Connections Eatery have been added into the dining section of World Celebration.

Also new in this update is the revised walkway routing for guests moving from the main entrance through the park's center via World Celebration.

Lastly, Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind has an updated look that shows the Starblaster at the front of the building and is labeled "opening summer 2022."

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DisneywithNick2 hours ago

Say what you want about the overhaul, but it's incredible to have the '82 CommuniCore roofline back πŸ₯²

DCBaker15 hours ago

castlecake2.02 days ago

I really wish they would organize the map by pavilion

sedati3 days ago

For a park so big its layout only adds to the amount of walking required to reach any given destination.

Rob5623 days ago

For crowd flow, I don't think any park would want to give that sort of immediate access from the entrance gate to the brand new headliner attraction. -Rob

Texas843 days ago

Was hoping the 'temporary' walkway would be permanent.

dreday33 days ago

So Connections Cafe and Connections Eatery are two separate dining areas within the building? Cafe would have Starbucks - which would allow the lines for people waiting just for Starbucks and the people ordering lunch, etc. to be separate. I didn't know that, but that's good.

jrhwdw3 days ago

Thank You Steve!!!!

wdwmagic3 days ago

New guide map for EPCOT includes changes to walkways, closure of the EPCOT Experience, and upcoming World Celebration dining,-closure-of-the-epcot-experience,-and-upcoming-world-celebration-dining-.htm

ToTBellHop3 days ago

Right. It has stayed lit up during previous refurbishments, so this should be no different. This lighting package was planned for the 50th awhile ago, and SSE would currently be closed if not for the pandemic, so they definitely planned to light up a closed icon for the 50th.

Bocabear6 days ago

I m certain the light show on the exterior is completely separate from the attraction within the sphere and would continue working.

trainplane37 days ago

I've thought about this too. I feel like the lighting system is separate from SSE itself. Back when they were working on the entrance plaza, they had the mirror base of SSE dug up for electrical infrastructure work. It would make sense to have them be two different systems that can work without each other.

dreday37 days ago

I just had a thought...if Spaceship Earth goes down for a refurb, does that mean the light shows will have to stop?