Complimentary Annual Passholder magnets coming to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World

Feb 22, 2022 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Tuesday February 22, 2022 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs will soon be offering complimentary magnets for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

Beginning March 2 2022, Passholders will be able to sign-up for the Virtual Queue on the My Disney Experience app for a one-hour arrival window at Disney's Wonderful World of Memories to pickup the magnet.

The virtual queue opens at 9am each day through March 30 2022, and there is a limit of one magnet per Passholder.

In addition to the magnets, there will also be exclusive offerings at The Ganachery and Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. The Ganachery will be selling a Passholder Chocolate Covered Strawberry Marshmallows gift box, and the Hanger Bar will serving The 1st Class Ticket via a hidden menu,

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Fido Chuckwagon13 days ago

It's so valuable it's priceless. Literally, as you can no longer purchase AP's.

castlecake2.015 days ago

Okay, whatever. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.

Goofy Ninja15 days ago

Okay, thanks for your assurance.

castlecake2.016 days ago

I can assure you it was not done on purpose, leadership knew it was going to be popular but not on that scale, that’s why it switched to the VQ after.

Mando5816 days ago

I'm a D23 gold member and they just came out with this years magnets. They offer 2 different magnets and you sign into your account, pick the one you want, fill out a form with your information, and hit send. The window to order your magnet is about 2 - 3 weeks. You get it in the mail in a few weeks. Everyone gets a chance to get a magnet. And if you want the other style too you can purchase it.

Goofy Ninja19 days ago

It wouldn't have made the news if people were just in a virtual queue. They've known about this type of reservation system for a long time. ... Thus one can conclude that they definitely did it on purpose.

TikibirdLand19 days ago

I know. I have a crazy idea. How about mailing a magnet for each passholder via mail? Last I checked, the postman still delivers. Yeah. It's "expensive". I think they made that up in the last AP price increase. Oh, and include a popcorn buck with each one!

Nottamus19 days ago

Sorry! We had new magnet on car on November trip. Lasted three days. 6 hours is horrible. People suck. Any theft is horrible. No one has decency anymore.

TikibirdLand19 days ago

Guess you could use the AR feature while you're standing in line for RoTR. You've got several hours to blow anyway...

matt911219 days ago

I think the valid point here is how have they not learned by now? Its been this way for years.

matt911219 days ago

Hahaha oh my god. Virtual reservation for magnets. You guys have legitimately lost it....

vikescaper19 days ago

AR features are always what I wanted from being a pass holder! Thank you Disney!

Gillyanne19 days ago

Apparently the new magnets have an AR feature available with FB and Snapchat (do people still use Snapchat?)

Touchdown21 days ago

Or it’s just telling you even more certainly the price for the magnet. There’s a reason for years the magnets were handed out at DHS, and then switched to Epcot. They are a soft power move to get you to a struggling area to increase sales. DS must be suffering in that regard. I mean it makes sense when parks are so expensive and you are forcing charged add ons you don’t really want to waste the time leaving a park. Especially when Disney makes it so burdensome (no park to DS busses, and less frequent busses from resorts too.)