EPCOT's temporary Starbucks Traveler's Café to close alongside the opening of the new Connections Café

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Posted: Friday March 18, 2022 4:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The temporary EPCOT Starbucks Traveler's Café in World Showcase will close this spring.

The opening of Connections Café in World Celebration will mean that Starbucks will have a new permanent home, and the temporary building near to the Canada pavilion will soon close.

Starbucks Traveler's Café opened in 2019 and replaced the now demolished Fountain View.

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DisneywithNick3 hours ago

It's so nice to have the '82 CommuniCore roofline back 🥲

castlecake2.03 hours ago

I think 2 weeks more would be accurate :)

DisneywithNick6 hours ago

My gut has been telling me something will open Saturday April 9th... No clue why.

Vinnie Mac6 hours ago

Shoot my prediction might be wrong. This thing look like it's about to open tomorrow LOL

DisneywithNick6 hours ago

As of 10 minutes ago

Cmdr_Crimson9 hours ago

So, there's this now...

castlecake2.012 hours ago

Opening team Cast were supposed to start training there today but looks like they are being sent to other food locations in the park for now

lazyboy97o14 hours ago

@FerretAfros already addressed this. It was lumped into the marketing because it lined up, but was really a separate project.

DCBaker15 hours ago

Vinnie Mac1 day ago

Sometime between April 10th and April 25th. I'm calling it. If I'm wrong, you can take my house and family.

trainplane31 day ago


vikescaper1 day ago

My pure guess is in time for Easter but I’m probably way off.

jaxonp1 day ago

When is this thing opening? Crystal ball me.

UNCgolf1 day ago

It could absolutely hold up better relatively speaking, but that doesn't mean they won't have to change it. I think it's very unlikely this won't look dated in 20 or so years -- I'm not sure there's a single era of design that's avoided that fate, so there's no real reason to think this will be different. Those trends/eras often come back around after some time has passed, but there's basically always a period where they're out of style. Some of it is probably just due to general shift, where people want something different than their parents.