Replacement for IllumiNations Reflections of Earth confirmed to debut in 2019

Sep 17, 2018 in "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"

Posted: Monday September 17, 2018 3:06pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced a timeline for the replacement of Epcot's nightly firework spectacular IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Reflections of Earth will play through to the end of summer 2019, with the new show to debut immediately following the conclusion of "IllumiNations."

No other details were provided, but various sources have indicated to us that drones will be part of the new show, and expect to see familiar Disney characters and stories as part of the show.

Reflections of Earth debuted in October 1999 as part of the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration, and carried forward the long standing tradition of the IllumiNations nighttime spectacular.

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Vinnie Mac8 minutes ago

Oh hell no they can't remove the first segment. It's literally one of the best intros to any theme park fireworks show probably ever and the HarmonioUS marketing was literally built around that segment

Vinnie Mac36 minutes ago

Personally I feel like the fountains would have made it worse. Water features of certain scales are noisy. Also they've publicly tested the fountains before and oh boy was it ugly... The barges would have more attention being drawn to them. As of now nobody really cares about them besides locals and hardcore fans. They're just there and are irrelevent to everyone walking throughout WS until 2 hours before showtime. I wasn't bothered by them but I was paying attention mainly to see what they looked like. I read plenty of opinions from folks on this board so I wanted to see for myself if it was really that big and yes from some view points it is that big but the scale does change depending on where you stand. From some areas, it looked much bigger than I expected (this is good for when it's showtime) but from other areas, it almost looked small. So it's a double sided coin for sure but personally I don't really care. They're not pretty but they aren't overly offensive either.

WorldExplorer59 minutes ago

I don't know exactly what tests I saw, but I did see some tests, for the record. I thought it was a pretty lateral move (the same, but wet), but your mileage may vary of course.

James Alucobond1 hour ago

On the days they tested some patterns akin to what was shown in the art, it did indeed make them look worse.

WorldExplorer1 hour ago

I'm surprised they stopped. Like, there's no way the fountains made it look WORSE, might as well keep trying. I guess still trying to use the fountains would be an implied admission that the barges look awful and worthy of being covered, while drawing attention to them with the 50th logo says "there's no problem; we are unshamed!". Also, probably cheaper to shut them off.

James Alucobond1 hour ago

I've actually started thinking that the most likely targets for removal might be Out There, Touch the Sky, and How Far I'll Go/Go the Distance since there are rumors of Happily Ever After returning and all of these segments would therefore become redundant. They just quietly removed the sign advertising the fountain functionality and dodged any questions about it during the Harmonious debut interviews.

Rose&Crown2 hours ago

Did they just hope everyone forgot they said fountains would hide those hideous things? I mean we all knew that was bogus but did they ever backtrack that or just ignore it?

Vinnie Mac9 hours ago

I know most people here are tired of the IP inclusion in EPCOT but wouldn't the 1:35-2:00 part of this track sound great for the Beacons of Magic show or some type of Illuminations 2.0 "Nature" segment?

Vinnie Mac11 hours ago

That's a shame, Enchantment had actually been looking really good recently. Better shells, consistent lighting, stronger and more consistent laser effects.

gerarar12 hours ago

Enchantment is getting more pyro, lol? Just this past week, they reverted the changes made to the show from last month, restoring the original finale and other shells, which is a step backwards because the finale was actually improved.

Vinnie Mac1 day ago

Also someone mentioned HarmonioUS getting more pyro over the summer like Enchantment which I hope is true because I'd love to see them revert back to the June 2021 testing version. That still remains the best display of HarmonioUS probably ever.

Vinnie Mac1 day ago

DonaldDoleWhip I'll reply to you in a second. Did want to point out that HarmonioUS looked GREAT tonight. The "A-mode" quality pyro has returned, some pyro has been rearranged (more on this later), the EF comets are gone from the finale but still present elsewhere in the show, and the finale seems a little bit different. With the finale, the old perimeter shells are back (I sorta like these shells better cause they've got more of a "pop" to them). Also, when the barges come back on at "SOON", a set of perimeter shells are launched and then the rainbow shells from the end of the first segment launch.

DonaldDoleWhip1 day ago

Finally, if they do add Encanto (which I’ve thought made sense all along — would just prefer it doesn’t displace Coco), I hope they do a song fusion/medley of some sort. Bruno feels like a sure thing for commercial reasons (deservedly so), but Colombia, Mi Encanto would fit a nighttime spectacular so well, particularly one celebrating world cultures.

DonaldDoleWhip1 day ago

Circling back to say Harmonious is…growing on me. Is it as emotionally impactful as RoE? No. Are the barges hideous at most times of day? Yes. But the concept is fitting enough, and there are some gems within the segments. For me personally: Awakening is a strong opening. The lyrics land particularly well after a terrible work week that has you questioning your stressful, meager existence. Arabian Nights, Lion King, and Brave are great high-energy segments. Coco + Saludos Amigos is fantastic fun. The ending is sentimental and wistful enough, although I find it a bit cynical (“A world without greed? That’ll be the day — we’ve got booze and popcorn buckets to sell.”) As for thoughts on a 2.0 version with updated segments, this sounds unfortunate. Coco is a highlight and could arguably nail it in the pre-finale spot, but they need space for another Latin America IP? Mulan and PatF drag (the latter has its moments but is otherwise too loud, too frenetic, and too much). Could they be shortened, please? BatB doesn’t have much of a raison d’être, as far as this show goes, yet Brave might be on the chopping block? We’ll see what they have in store, but this could end up being another RoL, where the changes take away some of the show’s original merits and make it even less cohesive.