Disney appears to confirm that Cirque du Soleil's Drawn to Life will debut at Disney Springs in 2021

Jan 01, 2021 in "Cirque du Soleil"

New 'Drawn to Life' Cirque du Soleil show at Walt Disney World
Posted: Friday January 1, 2021 11:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney today released its annual "things to do in the new year" list and alongside Remy's Ratatouille Adventure,  Cirque du Soleil's Drawn to Life is slated as coming later in 2021.

The show was originally planned to begin on March 20 2020, but was cancelled due to the arrival of COVID-19. Since then, Cirque du Soleil has gone through a turbulent period with mass layoffs and filing for bankruptcy. 

Here is the mention in the "21 Ways to Kick Off 2021 with Magic at Walt Disney World Resort" press release from Disney today:

Get Excited for Even More Magic Later this Year – Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the new family-friendly attraction coming to the France pavilion in EPCOT, will debut in 2021. And the new Cirque du Soleil show “Drawn to Life,” coming to Disney Springs, will be a collaboration between Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering. More details about these experiences and other excitement happening around Walt Disney World will be released at a later date.

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Tom P.2 hours ago

But the CDC changed metrics for a reason. The idea was that in the early days of the pandemic, when there were no vaccines and no effective therapeutics, it made sense to judge risk based solely on transmission levels in a community. But now that folks can get vaccinated if they choose and we have decent therapeutics as well, people have the tools to protect themselves from severe outcomes. So "how likely are you to be exposed to Covid" is no longer considered the appropriate metric. It's "how often are people in a community having serious problems because of Covid." And I think that makes sense.

Kevin_W8 hours ago

I agree - I stopped looking at them long ago. They were pretty bad in the first year.

The Mom8 hours ago

Please stay on topic - Coronavirus and WDW.

Nubs7010 hours ago

IG Farben had an incredibly low cost of labor too.

helenabear10 hours ago

I kind of enjoy the thread and if we annoy the mom too much I'd worry about shutting us down like the mask thread did is all :) Didn't want people to think I'm really scolding or anything. I'm trying to see if we had any cases this week in the schools for covid. We are not seeing an update. I got zero e-mails from the school which we still get this week. The week before spring break was 1 - literally 1 out of about 7500 people. Week before was 2. I expect a jump simply because I don't think we're close to "covid zero" in the area to have only one or two a week. But I could be wrong...

Lilofan11 hours ago

It is a pipe dream to think other countries to rival or exceed China productivity especially the suggestion of SA, but it is ok to dream..

Andrew C11 hours ago

Sorry. Yes. I will.

Andrew C11 hours ago

You continue to be such a negative Nancy on this topic. It’s not a question of what is possible today. It’s a question of what can be possible in the future. What is able to be, not what is now. No one expects a change with the flick of a switch. Have some vision.

helenabear11 hours ago

Can we stick to covid ;)

Lilofan11 hours ago

The efficiency of production in China does not compare to other parts of the world. Factories are built with staff housing in the same location so ops can run 24/7 to keep up with demand of a number of products. This was typed from a device made there. I've traveled in SA where many holidays are celebrated , towns close up, shortened work hours etc. If efficient production would work there, I beg to differ. If anyone can suggest what other country can manufacture and supply approx 70% of USA meds like China , I'm open to ideas. Moving main ops from China to other parts of the world is wishful thinking. Companies including US ops have invested billions in China , so it is what it is.

danlb_200011 hours ago

Yeah, companies are starting to see the risk of manufacturing in China, but they are just looking for other non-US countries instead of bringing everything back to the US.

helenabear11 hours ago

Am I missing something? I thought they did the state of Florida only? https://www.epi.ufl.edu/covid-19-resources/covid-19-models/ They also were off in Dec for the omicron wave. Had it much longer. They discuss it on their site.

GimpYancIent12 hours ago

Just as production was moved to China industry can move production away from China. How about that other continent to the south, you know South America. Lots of countries there would welcome investment and business which would mean a higher standard of living for them, a better relationship with the U.S. and a shorter supply chain. Disney can start by divesting itself of the looser park SD. Disney does not own it anyway, just a minority share holder.

TehPuddingMan12 hours ago

I followed them for the first year and found them to be completely unreliable. There’s a reason why all media started ignoring them. The most accurate model has been the university of Florida’s.